G1000 v2

Here you can find the instructions and parts list for the G1000. As well as information about the Mobiflight configuration files.

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Mobiflight Files and Instructions updated 10/30/23

For more info on installing the Mobiflight files click HERE

Specific information about these configuration files, see below…

Parts Needed

Note: I have included links to items when possible (part will be underlined and clickable if linked). You don't have to use these sources. However, they are provided so that you can see the parts that are needed.

Electronic Parts:

Optional Parts:

Hardware Parts:

  • (2) M3 x 16mm Hex head
  • (2) M3 x 14mm Allen Head
  • (4) M3 x 10mm Allen Head
  • (8) 3mm Washer
  • (2) 3mm Regular Nut
  • (2) 3mm Nylon Lock Nut
  • (24) M2 x 15mm Round Head
  • (36) M2 x 5mm Round Head
  • (2) M2 x 4mm Flat Head Screw

Mobiflight Configuration

A special thank you to Nicolas (@Bradsena) for creating these mobiflight files.


Faceplate and button backlight control

Make sure you have installed the MOFSET and resistor on the Mobiflight control board and set the jumper pin (next to the PWR input) to MOFSET.

Now, you can adjust the backlight dimming by pressing the COM Volume knob once. Then turning the knob right or left to increase or decrease the brightness. After 5 seconds the knob will revert back to controlling the COM Volume. If you would like to have some other rotary encoder in your cockpit control the backlight level, we have included that as an option in the Mobiflight config file. You will just need to uncheck the line that says “COM VOL Encdr” and check the line that says “BTN BACKLIGHT Custom Encdr“. You will also need to edit this line to assign it to a module that your encoder is connected to.

LCD Backlight Control - 

This functionality is made possible by work from User Flukester QC on the 737diysim Discord and Nicolas @Bradsena from our group. 

This feature does require making a modification to the backlight control cable on the LCD screen. Flukester QC created a very nice write up on this. It is available HERE. For our configuration we are using mobiflight to control the brightness. 

When this feature is enabled you will be able to select the screen brightness function in the G1000 Menu pop out and turn the FMS knob to adjust the brightness just like a real G1000. Super Cool if you ask Me…

Quick Tune Emergency Frequency

Long pressing the COM Flip Flop button will auto tune to 121.500


Extra inputs when using the optional expansion cards

When you are using the input expansion cards. You will see that in the Mobiflight module configuration there is already set up 3 additional MUX inputs. They are labeled MUX 2,3,4 which corresponds to expansion card 1,2,3 respectively. When you want to add another input (button or switch) you just need to assign your desired function to one of these MUX inputs. The cards are labeled so that you will know which of the 16 inputs on each MUX your button is attached to.


When building the TBM mod version of the G1000 you will need to uncheck the following lines in the Mobiflight config:

Baro Encdr

CRS Encdr

CRS Push

Then you will need to check these lines in the config:

Baro Encdr TBM Mod

Baro Push TBM Mod