Here you can find the instructions and parts list for the GMA1347 audio panel.

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Mobiflight Files updated 10/14/23

For more info on installing the Mobiflight files click HERE

Parts Needed

Note: I have included links to items when possible (part will be underlined and clickable if linked)

Electronic Parts:

Hardware Parts:

  • (23) M2 x 5mm screws
  • (5) M2 x 20mm screws
  • (2) M5 Bolts 20mm or longer
  • (2) 5mm nuts
  • (2) 5mm washers

Mobiflight Configuration

A special thank you to Nicolas (@Bradsena) for creating these mobiflight files. 


Transmit Indicator

Just as in the real Garmin audio panel, when you push the VATSIM PTT button, the indicator above the COM MIC button will blink. You must set a button in your sim for PTT. There is a config line in the provided configuration file that needs to be assigned to a button of your choice. This must be a Joystick or other Mobiflight recognized device, No keyboard keys.


Inoperative Functions

There are many functions on the audio panel that are not modeled in the Sim (see image below). While these functions are not available, the inputs and LED outputs have been created in the Mobiflight module configuration so that you can assign these to other functions of your choice. For example, you could set a button to pause the sim or open the ATC window… You might even consider modifying the text on the 3D printed keycap text to whatever you like.