Mobiflight Configuration Files

Installation and Customization

Many of the FlightSimDIY projects will include premade mobiflight configuration files. These will make setting up your flight sim hardware that much easier. Here is a step by step guide to installing the files as well as making changes to the configuration if needed. for more detailed tutorials please check out the official Mobiflight documentation HERE

Step 1:

If you haven't already, Download the latest version of Mobiflight HERE and follow the instructions after clicking on the install file.

Step 2:

Download the Mobiflight config files for your project. You will have 2 file types. the first will have a (.mfmc) extension and the other will have (.mcc). These can be found on the project resource pages HERE

Step 3:

You will want to plug in your Arduino card via USB before you launch the Mobiflight application. Also, if you are using one of the many arduino clones, check to see if it is using the CH340 chipset. If so, then you may need to first install the CH340 drivers on your computer so that the card will be recognized by Mobiflight. For more info on these and to download the CH340 drivers from the Sparkfun website click HERE

Now, open the Mobiflight application. You'll be presented with the main window See image below.

When Mobiflight first opens it will scan for any connected arduino cards or "Modules". Since you have your fresh new Arduino connected it will ask if you would like to use this card and install the firmware on it. click OK and OK on the next message too.

You will then see the Modules window. This is where we will install the firmware and upload our (.mfmc) file.

Click the Update firmware button and select the type of Arduino card you are using.

Now that the firmware has been installed on your Arduino. Click on the Open button and navigate to and select the (.mfmc) file that we downloaded earlier. You may have more than one. For example, the G1000 comes with a PFD, MFD and PFD-2 (PDF-2 is for those who have a copilot side PFD like in the TBM aircraft). Once the mfmc file has loaded, Click the Upload config button to transfer it to our arduino card. When it is finished uploading the config we can click the OK button to close the Modules window.

Step 4:

In the main window, we need to load our (.mcc) file by selecting File > Open... and choosing the mcc file for our project. If you are adding these to your existing Mobiflight configuration then choose merge instead of open. This will simply add the new config lines to your setup. The merge option is also used when you are adding more FSD configs together. Such as a G1000 PFD + MFD + GMA1347… When this file loads we will be prompted with the orphaned modules dialog. This is due to the difference in the serial numbers of your Arduino card and the one that these files were created on.

Select to highlight the orphaned Arduino Module listed in the window, then select the Arduino module that you want to assign the configuration lines to (make sure you select the correct arduino card…PFD config gets connected to the PFD Arduino…). Click the assign button to reassign the mcc file to our Arduino card.

Congratulations. your Arduino card is now setup and ready to use in your flight sim. You will just need to click the RUN mode and launch you flight sim.

Customizing the MCC File

From the main Mobiflight window we can edit the configuration settings we have in our setup. Clicking on the grey button with 3 dots at the end of each config line will open the setting window. From there we can change what function each device on our Arduino is connected to in our flight simulator. For a more detailed tutorial on this please check out the official documentation on Mobiflight HERE