Build your own flight sim hardware at home without breaking the bank. Affordable and high-quality designs to enhance your virtual flying

These designs try to replicate the real world parts as closely as possible while still being as easy to build as possible. I also try to design for both the casual desktop user and the full cockpit builder in mind. For example, the G1000 replica can be built as a desktop unit as shown or installed into a main instrument panel and even the backlighting can be tied into the rest of your cockpit.

More designs coming soon…

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  • Trevor (CaptainBob)

    "Flight Sim DIY  has grown to be an incredible asset to the flight sim community. The designs are well thought out and easy to build. Working on my G1000 has been a great experience - I've learned so much from it!"
  • Timmy

    "Love the FlightSimDIY designs and community. I'm new to 3D printing and have distant-past electronics experience. Even so, I'm managing to build my bespoke, specific and ideal sim avionics. Every time I have a "how do I" question, I find the answer has been asked before and is openly shared. Fantastic. Well done all, a fabulous resource and welcoming community."
  • Mike B.

    “I’ve been interested in building a home cockpit for many years now. But I just never new where to start. There are so many flight sim products out there that are just too expensive. I recently came across the FlightSimDIY stuff and these guys really are trying to make something for hobbyists like me. Their designs are top notch and the discord group is really helpful”

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I love creating these projects for everyone to enjoy. More then that, I love seeing how everyone’s flight sims turn out and being a part of the flight sim community. If you happen to want to help me continue creating more projects and contributing to the home flight sim community, please consider joining my Patreon page. Your support will help with the costs of developing and prototyping new projects, as well as running this website.

Thank you so much… Dave