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Building a home flight simulator is more than just a hobby; it’s creating a portal to adventure and learning. Every switch and screen you set up transforms a corner of your home into a gateway to the Skies, where your passion for aviation can soar. With dedication and creativity. you can turn dreams of flight into reality, inspiring you to reach new heights every time you take off

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"Love the FlightSimDIY designs and community. I'm new to 3D printing and have distant-past electronics experience. Even so, I'm managing to build my bespoke, specific and ideal sim avionics. Every time I have a "how do I" question, I find the answer has been asked before and is openly shared. Fantastic. Well done all, a fabulous resource and welcoming community."


"Flight Sim DIY  has grown to be an incredible asset to the flight sim community. The designs are well thought out and easy to build. Working on my G1000 has been a great experience - I've learned so much from it!"

FlightSimDIY is a proud sponsor of Mobiflight

Mobiflight is an amazing open source platform that makes it easy to build your own home flight sim using simple easy to source components. It is what powers many of our designs.

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"So, as you embark on this journey, know that every wire you connect, every screen you install. is a step towards your aviation dreams. Let your simulator be a beacon of inspiration, guiding you to new horizons, and reminding you that the sky is never the limit"

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